Read About Me

Some of my slaves enjoyed themselves so much that they begged me to let them write about their experiences. The better ones I have put up here. Could your letter be next?

My Slave from the UK

Well what a truly amazing Mistress she is, I have visited a number of Mistresses in europe but this was my first in China. Mistress Mitao looks better in real life than her photo, her title of Leg Mistress is warranted. Not only is Mistress an absolute goddess, but she has superb legs. Her presence is enough to make you get on your knees and submit ?something I did without hesitation. At the snap of her fingers I stripped off and got on my knees in front of her, kissing and worshiping those beautiful legs and feet. She then led me to the bath room where my arse was cleaned out, and I knew at some point I was to be in for a hard arse fucking. I was then tied with my hands behind my back and then subjected to flogging , slappin, hot wax and electrics. At times I was shaking with fear, but I loved every minute especially when she was smiling and laughing at me. What is so apparent is that Mistress enjoys the domination and control she immediately gains over you. Mistress will push your limits of endurance, pain and pleasure ?if that’s what you desire. I have experienced heavy bondage, foot worship, c&b torture, water sports, canning, strap on used on me full body worship (one of my favourites), being milked and drinking it and electro sessions ?all delivered in a well controlled manner that leads to such a ‘high? My last visit provided me with the most intense orgasm I have ‘ever?had ?it blew my mind? For the two hours I lost all grip on reality, I become a willing sex slave and enter a world of pure control, submission and domination all under the spell of Mistress Mitao.

First Time in Heaven

Mistress Mitao had agreed to see me one Saturday evening and with some trepidation I made my way to meet her. My insides were all twisted up. Anxious to see the Mistress in person, but not knowing what she would do to me. Would it hurt? Would it be humiliating? I looked forward to the joy and the ecstasy. I knocked on the door and was commanded to come in. Once inside I finally met Mistress Mitao: tall and imperious in a pure white starched shirt with a high collar tucked neatly into a tight black skirt. Her long legs covered in sensual black stockings and shocking red shoes with unimaginably high heels. She indicated at the floor with a finger and I went down on my knees. Unhurriedly she came over carrying a collar and chain. She stood behind me and roughly put the collar around my neck. Once Mistress had my collar on she pulled sharply back forcing me to arch my back backwards bringing my ear close to her mouth. She spoke her first words to me whispering “Within these walls you are mine, now strip.? As I struggled to get out of my clothes she stood behind me, out of sight, but she kept reminding me of her presence with a sharp tug on the leash every now and then throwing me off balance. When finally I was kneeling naked in front of her she walked around finally stopping in front of me. I kept my head down. Mistress lifted her foot and started gently rubbing my balls. My dick stirred. Then she reached down and started massaging my nipples. Finally She commanded ‘Look at me.?I raised my head and stared into her eyes. Suddenly she twisted my nipples making me suddenly wince in pain. ‘Today you will experience pain and you will enjoy it...for me.? Pulling on my chain she forced me down on to my hands and knees. Still holding onto my leash she reached behind her. I couldn’t see what she was reaching for, but I didn’t have to wait very long to find out what it was. WHACK! She brought the cane down on my behind, shocking me for the second time. She walked around behind me and once more used her foot to massage me. It felt good. She removed her foot for a second and then resumed her massage. When she removed her foot for the second time I pushed my bottom back in the air looking for her foot. Mistress kicked me from behind straight in the balls. For the third time I was taken completely by surprise and a small tear came to my eye. She dropped the chain. “Don’t move.?Mistresses heels clacked across the floor as She walked into another room. I couldn’t see or hear what she was doing. I stayed in position wondering what was going to happen next. After a while she came back. I tensed expecting to be hit again. Nothing happened. “Calm down, slave?and Mistress started stroking my back. And then my bottom and my balls. Once again I gave myself up to the beautiful sensations. A burning sensation seared suddenly into my back. Mistress had brought a hot candle back with her and was now dripping it on my back. And it was a lot hotter than anything I experienced before. The pain was excruciating and I bit my lip. Mistress bent down so that her face was close to mine ‘Scream. Scream for me. It turns me on. If you don’t scream I will hurt you more and more until you do scream for me.? Mistress started dripping the hot wax onto more sensitive skin, and released from my desire to keep quiet I began to moan and yelp with the pain. Very soon I was screaming with each lancing jolt of hot molten wax. And then it stopped. “Sit up slave!? I sat up straight away, sore from being on all fours for so long. Mistress put one of her long beautiful legs over my shoulder and then climbed up so that she was sitting on my shoulders. “Hold me and keep still.? Mistress started playing with my nipples. Softly, gently massaging them. Playing with the heads. Arousing me with each delicate stroke. When I was moaning with pleasure she pinched down hard twisting and a sharp white hot pain shot through me causing me to shudder. Mistress Mitao let go of my nipples and climbed off my shoulders and picked up my chain jerking me towards her feet. “Stay down.?She commanded. Mistress too off her stockings and tossed them to one side. “Sit up!?I sat up and she raised my chin so that I could look up at her magnificent face. “I am going to sit on your face. I am going to make you squirm. Lie down!? I immediately lay down on my back with my face in the air. Mistress stood over my head and gave me a long time to look up at her amazing legs and her black g-string before slowly lowering herself onto my face. Her bottom clamped down and my world went black trapped by her divine bottom. I didn’t move. I held my breath as long as I could. Panic set in. Finally gasping for air I struggled. Mistress raised her bottom a fraction letting the sweat air rush in. Mistress looked at me “Don’t be so stupid. Wriggle. Find the air. Wriggle and I will be happy.? With barely a moment to register my new instructions Mistress’s sweet bottom clamped back down on my face. I wriggled trying to find an air space. Mistress’s bottom pushed down grinding into me. As my lungs started to ache with lack of air Mistress grabbed my cock and started massaging it. I thought I was going to black out and then Mistress lifted her bottom a bit. And stopped massaging my cock. The moment she clamped back down on me her hands went to work on my already engorged penis. I ached to get past her g-string to her ass behind it. I so wanted to get my tongue into work on her gorgeous sex. But she just kept grinding hard into my face. As long as her face was trapping my nose and mouth her hands were bringing pleasure to my cock. Finally Mistress stood up ‘Enough. You’re breath control is no good. You will learn to be better, and you will learn to give me more pleasure.?She bent down and slapped my face hard. Then she massaged it, “But today you have been a good slave.?and she pulled up a chair and then put her feet on my hot cock. She started prodding and playing. Finally she used her two feet to bring me off in a hip wrenching climax. I went for a shower and cleaned up. When I came out Mistress came up to me smiling and leaned in close placing her hand on my bottom “And next time we are going to do something about that virgin arse of yours.?I gulped. When I finally left I was drained, sated, happy. And already wondering about my next session.