What I Like

Sessions with me are varied. My chains, whips and clamps are the instruments though which I express myself, and you are the canvas on which I work my art. I like to find out what is going on in your head, finding out what makes you tick, what it is that you yearn for and then giving it to you. I will take your fantasy and make it reality. And then I will take it one step further.

I’m a Mistress because I love it. And I love to see my slaves beneath me. I will push you until you truly submit to my will. I don’t need to use lots of pain, although I will if you want me to!

I like to dress up and I have a large wardrobe. Sometimes I want to be a strict teacher, punishing boys with my riding crop for their errors. At other times I can be a sultry seductress or a teasing nurse, that will lead you on only to dash your hopes. I will take your balls in my hands and once you are excited I will crush them like grapes between my fingers.

I’m an expert with my strap-on. You will first learn to respect it, and eventually to love it. My legs are divine and the only thing better than them is my well formed ass which you can worship as I smother your face and crush the air out of you.

Whatever your fantasy I look forward to exploring it with you, but remember I will do it my way! I don’t follow scripts and I don’t take instructions. Mistress is always right! Medical play: inc, puncture, urethral, catherization, enema, ass play.

No golden showers and definitely no sex.